Velas is a cryptocurrency and blockchain project which is using artificial intelligence to power its consensus algorithm. The idea behind the project is that a meticulous, calculating, and multifaceted artificial system is the best tool for maintaining a blockchain, allowing for higher prevention of inaccuracies.

To do this, Velas uses its own consensus algorithm called AI-Operated Delegated Proof of Stake. As the name suggests, it is built from a modified form of the Delegated Proof of Stake model, created by Daniel Larimer, but rather than relying on human intervention to vote on delegates and detect inconsistencies, it uses an exponentially growing and ever-learning artificial intelligence program instead. This consensus algorithm additionally gives Velas certain abilities which other cryptocurrencies simply cannot do, such as slowing down and speeding up its network to help maintain equilibrium within the ecosystem.

Irish Tech News, 4 July, 2019

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