Greetings Velas community

Over the past four months, the Velas team has been working diligently to deliver version 2.0 of our flagship network. To achieve this transition, we require all Velas holders to migrate from the Pre-alpha token to the Alpha token.

Recently our legal team informed us to be fully compliant with Swiss regulatory laws, it is essential to add a compliance terms section to the wallet while Velas users are conducting the migration process.

Due to this, we decided in the best interest of the Velas community and the project to delay the migration until the legal team provides us with a disclaimer for everyone to agree to before receiving the new velas token.

The migration date will be on or before April 3rd, 2020

In the interim, please follow these detailed instructions to prepare for the migration.

Now that you have created your new wallet, send tokens from yourOld Web Walletto yourNew Web Wallet.”

Everyone is advised to move coins to the new wallet address marked with the migrate button. Once legal terms are published, you will have to press a button to migrate in the wallet, Once you have clicked migration button and agreed to terms, please be patient and new tokens will be credited on or before April 3rd, 2020

We realize it might confuse some people so until the day of migration we simplified the process by only showing the address to deposit Pre-alpha tokens.

Wait for the countdown to April 3rd to commence Alpha migration.

Here are some exciting features you can expect in the coming months after the migration process is complete :

  • New mobile wallet release
  • New desktop wallet release
  • VelaSphere with GPU, CPU and Hard Disk staking
  • New languages options
  • Simplified Node Staking within the wallet
  • Smart Contract deployment
  • New Exchange Listings

We understand that the current global situation is not optimal for many people. We appreciate your patience as we conduct this network update. We truly value all our supporters, and we are looking forward to rolling out a fantastic product for our valued community.

Thank you,

Alexander Alexandrov

Velas founder, 08 April, 2020

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