To our Velonians,

Welcome back to our latest Velas Ecosystem Report for May.

In light of a rapidly changing global climate, we’ve been hard at work looking to ship a suite of updates well suited for an increasingly digital world.

As always, we invite you to join the conversation on Telegram, where your thoughts and opinions directly influence the way we shape the web 3 foundations of tomorrow.

To that, let’s dive into what’s happened in the past month.


The month of May brought lots of new features and improvements to the Velas Wallet on both desktop and mobile.

As a quick overview, we’ve been refining our mobile staking experience to make it as intuitive as possible, including the foundation for auto-claiming rewards and a native block explorer set to rival industry leaders like etherscan.

Here’s a look at the developments from the first half of the month:

Velas Tech Report 05.04.20–05.17.20

And an update midway through with even more changes:

Velas Tech Report 05.18.20–06.04.20


Breaking it down by categories, we’ve optimized our Wallet 2.0 with upgrades on mobile and desktop as follows:


  1. Adjusted, resized, and fixed web home screen icons
  2. Modified two languages (Korean & Chinese)
  3. Coin appearance rework
  4. Pending transaction notifications
  5. Visual issues after refactoring


  1. Animation highlighting indices for mnemonic phrase recovery
  2. Fixed-mobile web address upon receipt
  3. Epoch climbs to headline in mobile
  4. Page notifications
  5. Fixed the “+” button when adding other coins
  6. dApp email templates
  7. Language optimization
  8. New Skins


Our developers have been testing our randomization algorithm to help minimize centralization by adding security through distributed validation frameworks. Included in these updates are:

  1. Changed to the ban cycle to one epoch
  2. Validator set research for randomness optimization
  3. Fixed pending transaction stacking
  4. Actualized Contracts Version
  5. Updated binary links for Mac/Windows
  6. Emission mint

Enter the Vortex

We’re excited to introduce Vortex — a distributed file, audio, video, and social application accessible through the Velas wallet.

While we don’t want to give away too much upfront, you can think of Vortex as your one-stop-shop for a web3 social lifestyle — putting you in complete control of all your online interactions in a sovereign and permissionless fashion.

Be on the lookout for a pre-alpha version in the coming months!


With another month in the books, the size of our community continues to grow. Best exemplified by our Twitter channel, we’ve seen spikes in all of our social channels — a direct indicator that more people are getting ready for the next wave of cryptocurrencies to take center stage.

Team Gallery

With social distancing guidelines getting more lenient, our Kyiv developers were able to get back into their office to continue making strides on our blockchain and AI development.

Celebrity MainNet Charity Poker Tournament

We were proud sponsors of the MainNet Charity Poker tournament, where all donations went towards child hunger relief and the Binance charity. Last week’s event was a big hit, with over $200k being raised for a great cause.


Check out the Pioneer Club website for more awesome events and ways to donate your crypto to a suite of influential organizations making a change.

Global Expansion

As you may recall from our last ecosystem report, we added Indonesia, Vietnam, India, and Spanish Telegram channels. In the spirit of establishing a genuinely global community, we’re excited to share we’ve debuted Russian, Chinese, Arabic, and African channels as well!

  1. Official Velas Community —
  2. China —
  3. Arabic —
  4. Russia —
  5. Africa —

Got a request for a community we haven’t started yet? Let us know!


For June Velas founder, Alex Alexandrov will be doing a World Tour AMA. Our first stop was the Indonesian Telegram group “Detective ID,” the AMA went exceptionally well, with lots of great questions and engagement. Our Brand Ambassadors, the CoinBros, got into the studio and gave a quick recap of some of the questions asked, as well as talked about some of the new upcoming features of the Velas network. So for more AMA Recaps, Tutorials, and content like this, don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel, so you don’t miss out on all things Velas.

Velas — AMA World Tour — Recap:

VLX Bittrex Listing

For all our crypto OGs out there, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Bittrex — a top 10 world-renowned exchange famous for being some of the first to list top tokens like ADA, VET, and OMG.

For all our crypto OGs out there, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Bittrex — a top 10 world-renowned exchange famous for being some of the first to list top tokens like ADA, VET, and OMG.

In the wake of Bittrex, we’ve also got three other exchange listings lined up, so be sure to stay on the lookout as we aggressively expand VLX liquidity.

Looking Forward

As we head into the summer, we’re excited to use these next few months to capitalize on what is sure to be a major run for cryptocurrencies at large.

Best exemplified by the recent Bitcoin halving, we’ve noticed a significant uptick in projects enjoying renewed attention. We believe Velas is the perfect entry point for new users, namely due to our development updates & staking experience, to give those with little to no technical background the chance to add value to our ecosystem by further decentralization validation across one of the most scalable protocols on the market.

If you haven’t yet, we encourage you to come to join the conversation. You’re sure to be impressed by all the fellow Velonian ambassadors joining us on our lunar mission to help bring blockchain to the mainstream.

Until then, be on the lookout for new updates throughout the month by following us on Twitter!

See you next month!

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