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Become an ambassador or partner of Velas

Velas offers plenty of benefits for KOLs, ambassadors, and other partners. Apply today to get started!

Velas program for KOLs & ambassadors

If you have an audience of over 200K+ followers, we extend an invitation for you to join our program tailored for Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and influencers.



Huge rewards. All Velas Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) receive maximum rewards based on their partnership level.

Token sales. Velas (KOLs) have the privilege of being the first to receive information about upcoming token events and participate in highly-profitable private sales.

Day-one team. Execute your ideas and capitalize on opportunities by collaborating with the core specialists of the day-one team.

Access to goodies. Enjoy immediate access to specialized tools, the latest features, marketing support, and the privileges of participating in programs like Velas Labs, and more.

Q&A Regarding the KOL Program

What does KOL mean?

A Key Opinion Leader (KOL) is an individual with profound crypto expertise, capable of endorsing niche product promotions. In the crypto realm, KOLs include renowned traders, analysts, and enthusiasts who support crypto projects.

How can one apply for the program?

To apply, you need a minimum of 200K followers, a passion for crypto, and a commitment to promoting Velas. Proof of a genuine audience with consistent social media growth is required. Regardless of the platform (Telegram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, etc.), complete the form to join the Velas Family and access exclusive KOL benefits.

How are candidates selected? Why the 200K requirement?

Velas' internal team selects candidates based on meeting specified requirements. The 200K followers threshold is considered significant, and Velas is prepared to reward KOLs appropriately. Those without a large following are encouraged to explore the content distributor program.

How do KOLs differ from influencers?

KOLs require experience, understanding, and influence within the crypto niche, such as famous traders, analysts, and crypto enthusiasts. In contrast, influencers can be well-known figures from any field with an impact on their audience.

How is documentation handled?

As an official Swiss company, Velas addresses each case individually with a high-quality legal department to ensure transparency and prevent future issues.

What benefits come with promoting Velas?

Promoting Velas offers early insights into the project, token events, and upcoming releases. KOLs receive generous rewards based on their partnership level and enjoy guaranteed access to features, marketing opportunities, and other privileges provided by Velas.

Velas program for content distributors

Ready to join our force in spreading the word about Velas worldwide? Explore our special program designed for distributors.

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Get rewards in $VLX. Content distributors receive rewards in $VLX tokens based on their distribution efforts.

Public sales. Be among the pioneers to participate in all significant public sales and secure the best sales terms.

Content. Access the latest Velas news and premium content to create and distribute engaging materials, unlocking additional incentives.

Q&A about the Content Distributors Program

Who qualifies as a content distributor, and what steps should I take to become one?

Content distributors play a vital role in promoting crypto assets within specific market niches. To join this program, individuals should possess a solid understanding of crypto, have access to crypto resources or communities (preferably their own enthusiast audience), and be willing to dedicate a few hours daily to promote a specific coin.

How can I apply for the program?

If you're interested in becoming a content distributor, simply complete the application form. We'll reach out to you if you meet the requirements, including a background in crypto, access to relevant marketing sources or communities, a commitment to daily promotional efforts, enthusiasm for Velas, and a desire to contribute to the project's success.

How are candidates selected?

The Velas internal team is responsible for candidate selection. All applications will be carefully reviewed, and successful candidates will be contacted for further discussions.

What sets apart Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) from distributors?

KOLs require their own crypto community to promote and contribute to the growth of the project. If you aspire to be a KOL, please refer to our KOLs and influencers program. However, to become a distributor, no audience is mandatory; possessing a grasp of the crypto world and access to relevant chats and communities is sufficient.

How is the documentation process handled?

As an official Swiss company with a robust legal department, Velas treats each case individually. Discussions ensure transparency, addressing the interests of both parties to prevent future issues.

What benefits come with promoting Velas?

Distributors receive fair rewards in $VLX or other tokens, tailored to each case based on distribution efficiency. Beyond monetary incentives, distributors gain access to the latest Velas news, events, and updates. Additionally, they enjoy early access to major public sales, securing favorable sales terms.

Our program for developer advocates and tech ambassadors

If you have 3+ years of development experience and a passion for championing Velas, we invite you to join our program specifically designed for developer advocates and tech ambassadors.



Rewards and benefits. Rewards in $VLX and/or other tokens are exclusively available for developer advocates and tech ambassadors.

Flexible partnership. We provide flexible terms and welcome developer advocates and tech ambassadors to join our company on a full-time, part-time, or contract basis.

Full onboarding. Stay aligned with our team of core professionals and gain valuable experience working on the market's leading projects alongside the best in the business.

Additional opportunities. Contribute your expertise to the Velas developer community, lead hackathons, and become a face of Velas Labs.

Q&A about the Program for Developer Advocates and Tech Ambassadors

What are the primary requirements for joining the program?

A qualified candidate should possess strong technical skills, a minimum of 3 years of crypto development experience, and a willingness to share knowledge. Bonus skills include public speaking, effective communication (both verbal and written), and the ability to address concerns proactively.

What are the responsibilities of dev advocates within the program?

The ideal dev advocate is expected to:

  • Contribute to creating tutorials for building diverse projects on Velas.
  • Aid in organizing online/offline events (hackathons, webinars, side events, etc.) for developers.
  • Collaborate with the marketing team to produce video content, including workshops and other tech-related materials.
  • Occasionally participate in AMA sessions as a tech expert.
  • Proofread tech-related content.

We are seeking a versatile individual to serve as both a universal soldier and a tech mentor to our marketing team.

What benefits do tech advocates receive?

Your time and work are valued, and we offer a fair reward in $VLX or other tokens, discussed case by case based on chosen working conditions. Additionally, there's a unique opportunity to become a face of Velas Labs by joining us full-time, growing alongside Velas. Access to all Velas benefits, including marketing support, early updates, and features, is also provided.

What distinguishes a dev advocate from a tech ambassador?

A Developer Advocate is an in-house Velas tech support role, deeply immersed in Velas Blockchain technology to support marketing and other departments in various tech activities and events. Conversely, a Tech Ambassador is akin to a crypto entrepreneur with their own crypto community. They help Velas connect with skilled developers, fostering more projects on Velas and contributing to the growth of the Velas ecosystem.

Join Velas as a community manager

Aspiring to lead a community of ambitious blockchain enthusiasts? Join our program designed for community managers!



Flexible rewards. Community managers at Velas have the chance to earn rewards in $VLX and/or other tokens.

Always in tune. Connect with our community managers worldwide, stay in touch with our core team and team leaders for streamlined collaboration and optimal results.

Flexible performance. Work from any part of the world, organize meetups with your local community, and drive workshops and events with flexibility.

Q&A Regarding the Community Manager Program

What are the primary responsibilities of a community manager?

The ideal candidate for this role is envisioned as the heartbeat of the Velas community, responsible for effective communication. Key responsibilities include:

  • Timely responses to comments and customer queries.
  • Regular sharing of useful content (e.g., How to use Velas Wallet, How EVM works).
  • Translation of articles, press releases, and announcements into the native language.
  • Monitoring and reporting on feedback and online reviews.
  • Organization and participation in events to enhance community and brand awareness.
  • Coordination with Marketing, PR, and Communications teams to maintain brand consistency.
  • Staying current with crypto and technology trends.

What are the primary requirements for a community manager?

The Velas community is global, and candidates worldwide are welcome. Requirements include:

  • Proven work experience as a community manager (minimum of 6 months).
  • An advanced level of English or higher, along with an advanced level of the native language (both speaking and writing).
  • Experience in launching community initiatives (e.g., contests, voice chats, quizzes, webinars, offline events).
  • The ability to identify and track relevant community metrics.
  • Excellent verbal and writing skills.
  • Understanding of the crypto industry and a passion for promoting the Velas brand.

Is this a paid position?

Yes, it is a paid position. Fair rewards in $VLX or other tokens will be discussed based on the terms of cooperation.

Must I be fluent in English?

Yes, fluent English communication is necessary to collaborate with Marketing, PR, and other Velas departments, as well as to participate in international community activities.

How much time is required for community monitoring?

It is recommended to check chats for new requests every 2-3 hours daily. While constant monitoring isn't required, consistency is crucial. Custom schedules can be discussed for specific times you are unable to work.

Is crypto industry experience necessary?

Yes, understanding the crypto industry is crucial for this role. As the face and voice of the Velas brand, community managers should be experts, capable of responding to complex questions and requests while embodying both crypto genius and creative ingenuity.

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