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Brief Overview of Decentralized Applications (dApps)

dApps exhibit a significant distinction from conventional solutions - they can only be executed through a blockchain. powered by smart contracts, dApps are inherently safeguarded against any third-party intrusion.

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The open-source foundation empowers decentralized applications (dApps) to operate autonomously.

Data and records of decentralized applications (dApps) are readily accessible as they are public.

Creators of dApps utilize a crypto token to contribute to maintaining the safety of the network environment.

Why Velas?

Velas leads the industry as the fastest (EVM) blockchain, efficiently processing over 50,000 transactions per second (TPS) with almost zero fees. The Velas team addresses pertinent environmental and ecological concerns by integrating an innovative hybrid consensus mechanism, combining Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) with Proof-of-History (PoH).


Transaction Fee:

1,2 second

Transaction Finality:

50 000+

Transactions per second

Transaction Throughput:

Up to 75 000 TPS

Transaction Fee:


Transaction Finality:

1.2 sec

Transaction Throughput:

~1000-5000 TPS

Transaction Fee:


Transaction Finality:

6 mins (32 blocks)

Transaction Throughput:

~160 TPS

Transaction Fee:


Transaction Finality:

75 sec

Transaction Throughput:

Up to 7 000 TPS

Transaction Fee:


Transaction Finality:

30 mins to 1.5+ hours


Power your dApps with Velas

Discover how Velas helps software engineers and founders create decentralized solutions (dApps).



Velas provides essential components, including comprehensive documentation, community support, and access to the software ecosystem, equipping you with the necessary tools to develop decentralized applications (dApps). Start today and become part of the vibrant Velas developer community!



Hodling tokens is pivotal for dApps. Velas ensures top-notch security, enabling developers to create wallets, oversee user balances, and seamlessly integrate statistical data.



Allow your users to maximize their Return on Investment (ROI) through seamless integration of staking features into your project. Velas is an innovative blockchain hybrid utilizing Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) and Proof-of-History (PoH), which offers creators and founders the flexibility to implement diverse staking functionalities.



With the capabilities of Velas, creators can build new exchanges or seamlessly integrate token swapping features into existing decentralized applications (dApps). With the cost-effectiveness of transactions, Velas emerges as one of the most promising blockchains in the industry.


Pay, send & receive

Facilitate seamless token transfers, receipts, and payments for virtual and physical goods through Velas capabilities. With a transaction processing speed exceeding 50,000 transactions per second (TPS), Velas ensures the instant execution of any transaction.


Explore guides and manuals to effortlessly initiate the creation of projects powered by Velas.

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How to use dApps?

Here are a few simple steps to start using dApps.


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Get a wallet to store and transfer your $VLX

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You need to have $VLX token to use dApps

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Select a dApp, transfer funds, and test it out

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dApps that worth a try

Its time to try dApps. Explore and test decentralized applications (dApps) developed on the Velas blockchain. Invest in and engage with the following projects cautiously at your own risk. Always conduct thorough research before making any decisions.

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Ferrum Network is a pioneer in ushering in the era of Interoperability 2.0


Your unique, secured and decentralized web3 username


BlocksScan is an EVM Compatible Block Explorer and Analytics Platform for all top-level EVM Networks.


Vulos is an ecosystem of applications built on top of blockchain technology that disrupt digital signatures, digital identity, and metaverse / GameFi.


Non-custodial, multi-chain wallet and blockchain infrastructure provider for the decentralised ecosystem, governed by the community via $SAFLE


EGG City Coins empower local communities through a platform connecting businesses with freelancers. Services are paid with city coins, crypto or fiat.


Migrate seamlessly from Ethereum to Velas utilizing our specialized (EVM).

Seamlesssly integrate Velas EVM functionalities or migrate to Velas by adjusting a single line of code.

web3 = new Web3(new Web3.providers.HttpProvider(’https:// evmexplorer.velas.com/rpc’));
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Did you know that Velas signs TX from space?

Unlock a new dimension of decentralization with Velas, where transactions can be securely signed via a space node stationed on the International Space Station.

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Velas Blockchain: Holy Grail for Your dApp

Embark on the next era of decentralized applications with Velas – a paradigm shift in blockchain excellence! In the face of Ethereum's privacy concerns and escalating transaction fees, Velas emerges as the sophisticated solution, delivering an exceptional performance with over 50,000 transactions per second – a tenfold+ acceleration compare to Ethereum. Experience the epitome of cost efficiency, with transaction fees set at an impressively low $0.000001, positioning Velas as the paragon of economic blockchain solutions. Yet, Velas is not merely keeping pace; it's orchestrating a blockchain renaissance. Backed by a robust infrastructure and seamless integration of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) for smart contract execution, Velas seamlessly unites the cost-effectiveness of Solana with EVM compatibility, thus transcending industry standards. Migrating to Velas EVM is not just a move; it's an upgrade. Envision complete compatibility with Ethereum, empowering developers to deploy existing smart contracts without the hassle of expensive and time-consuming audits. Users benefit from diminished gas fees and accelerated transaction completion within the dynamic realm of EVM-based projects built on Velas. Here's another groundbreaking aspect – developers effortlessly navigate asset transfers between blockchains, seamlessly relocating VLX tokens from Native Space to EVM Space and vice versa. Unreal? it's the future unfolding! Velas transcends the status quo, embodying reliability, speed, and financial prudence. Migrating to Velas is a One-click seamless process, taking only a few minutes for developers with dApps based on other blockchains.

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