Velas Blockchain Streamlines Via RPCFast


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18 Jan 2023



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11 Aug 2023

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Velas blockchain adopts the JSON-RPC endpoint provided by RPCFast to gain the top highly available, geo-distributed, and rapid blockchain access for Velas users.

The recent integration of Velas API with RPCFast for faster access to the Velas blockchain nodes is a result of the long-established partnership with Dysnix, a team of seasoned engineers behind the rapid, highly secure, and easily available Web3 infrastructure. In a nutshell, the endpoint enables accelerated yet stable access to Velas blockchain for all sorts of dApps and DeFi solutions.

For Velas in particular, the team at Dysnix created a dedicated proxy server that accelerates user access to the Velas chain’s historical data stored in GCP BigTable. Not only does this make things much more convenient and smoother for the Velas community - it also grants new scaling opportunities for the Velas blockchain infrastructure as a whole.

RPCFast by Dysnix is a perfectly-reliable partner with seven years of Blockchain-related DevOps experience under their belt and an authentic decentralized infrastructure that covers healthy nodes across over 90 geo zones. And all that at a 99.9% uptime and average latency at about 85.6 msec when accessing the nodes from any location on the planet.

The JSON-RPC endpoint is a versatile integration that can work either as a:

  • SaaS solution for blockchain access via highly secured HTTPS or WebSocket endpoint;
  • self-hosted cluster of blockchain nodes deployed in a customer’s environment and fully maintained by RPCFast engineers.

Both options cut blockchain infrastructure maintenance costs dramatically.

Without a doubt, we are to see more visible results of this partnership soon. Meanwhile, stay tuned for more exciting updates and news.

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