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EGG City Coins empower local communities through a platform connecting businesses with freelancers. Services are paid with city coins, crypto or fiat.

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About this project

The platform helps city inhabitants regain purchasing power and SMEs relocate employment. Every city has its own DAO, its members act by proposing local initiatives or voting. Free and non-profit.

City Coins freelancers boost the local economy by encouraging local consumption, avoid relocation and increase the ability of traders and producers to hire.

They also promote local wealth creation and savings with the validity of city coins being limited to a territory and the service of the local economic force (small local shops, local producers, etc.).

Encourage local manufacturers to reduce the transportation of products and take action against climate change.

No need to worry about fueling market speculation with derivative assets. City Coins are made for one territory, a penalty is applied for any external use in order to limit international interactions at the maximum.

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